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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More from Yesterday

Glad I have more pics from yesterday to share. It was gray and drizzly all day today, and I worked inside all day. Best event is an apple pie! Yum.

Here is one of those odd earth stars. They are supposed to be very common, but I don't find them very often.

earth star

I crossed and re-crossed the Manistee River quite a few times. But this is the view from one person's back yard.

Manistee River

I haven't had time to track down exactly what kind of fungus these little yellow fingers are, but I think they are cute.

yellow fingers

But I love the oak leaves in the sun. This is red oak.

red oak leaves in sun

Tomorrow is another work day with 10 more cases, a lot of travel, and one of them is a kind of survey I've never done before. Will try to come home with some nice stuff to share. It's supposed to at least not rain where I'm going. Not sure about sun, though.

I just finished processing the last of the cases from Tuesday, but I DID get that pie made today.

I'm trying hard to get News from Dead Mule Swamp done in the next 3 days. I got one more chapter done today, but there are several to go.

Just way too busy this week.

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Cool Math Games for Kids said...

Marvelous photos!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Earth Stars are not that common here but we have a couple of areas were we see them most years - they appeared this year.
The yellow fungi only a guess could be golden spindle - Clavulinopsis fusiformis. Some more great photos.

Secondary Roads said...

Love that shot of the Manistee River. It feels so "Michigan." also the light and shadow pattern on the oak leaves. So nice to see on a damp and dreary day like today. :)

Ann said...

I've never seen an earth star. they're pretty cool. I wouldn't mind having that view from my back yard

Lin said...

I've never seen an Earth Star. WOw! I wish I had--they are kinda cool.

Love to have that view from my yard. Sigh.

RNSANE said...

Apple pie, apple cider, writing, work, you are, indeed, a busy person.

MissElainEous said...

4/1/12 before it's turned to the 2nd... I won't try to April Fool you... but those apples might have me. Thanks for the excellent info! The weather is weird. It snowed hard up at my hometown but rained hard here! I find it fascinating to see the weird early blooms you are finding; the case is the same in the Finger Lakes. I am enjoying your blogs, friend!

Sharkbytes said...

Elaine- not sure why you commented about the mayapples on this older post, but thanks for the comment!

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