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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On the Wing

Just some more feathered friends today.

Here's my private murmuration of starlings. Not a very large one, and they weren't in a tight formation, but hey... what I see is what you get.

starlings flying

And, as I was walking Maggie today, I disturbed my red-tail hawk. I hoped it would fly out over the field, but it didn't care about my picture taking wishes. I did catch one shot.

starlings flying

Cold and windy here today and getting colder tonight.

See My Kingdom Today for another hawk picture
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betchai said...

"what I see is what you get"- i can't agree more. love it though, and the second one with the pine came out beautiful.

Karen and Gerard said...

You did good getting that hawk in flight!

Lin said...

I like your mini murmuration. :) I love starlings. They mimic other birds calls and so you never know who is out there when you've got a flock in your yard. They are certainly very chatty birds.

Good hawk photo! I've got a hawk who is terrorizing my feeder again this year. I'll have to send Em out there to scare him away.

Secondary Roads said...

It is interesting to note the various wing positions within the murmuration. Interesting shot.

Ann said...

well I'm quite happy with what we get :)

Sharkbytes said...

betchai- it's so smart-alecky it's almost profound, eh?

Karen- sometimes I get lucky

Lin- The juveniles are pretty, other than than, starlings are amazing, but not very appealing

Chuck- I almost took a smaller crop to show that better. I thought that was interesting too

Ann- thanks! It's always a grab bag!

Loretta said...

Just saw this post today about 3 hours after I sent you that link to the video on murmuration...I had never heard that word before and was amazed by the video...then that sae word jumps out at me in your post...pretty cool

rainfield61 said...

Did the hawks complaint about cool and windy?

RNSANE said...

I am never disappointed with your photographs, Joan. You always keep me coming back for more. I can't make it every day but then, when there is spare time, I MUST catch up. I'm afraid to miss anything.

Funny captcha: bugnotam

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