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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rainy Day Flight Plan

Despite the rain, Maggie and I at least took our little walks around my kingdom. It wasn't pouring, just dreary wet. As we were passing through the apple orchard I heard odd noises from the sky. You may recall that audio input is my weakest sense. My hearing is fine, actually very good, but I don't seem to remember things I hear as well as things I see.

But I knew it wasn't Canada geese. They honk discordantly. I knew it wasn't sandhill cranes. They rattle. Then I saw them.

trumpeter swans in flight

They were quite high up, but I was pretty sure I knew what they were. See how long the necks are? Not geese. See how straight the necks are? Not herons.

trumpeter swans in flight

The sound I heard is a sort of honk, but not just noisy like geese. It's a higher pitch, and not such a continuous blast of noise.

trumpeter swans in flight

Now you can see how the wings are curved when they make a flight stroke.

Well, when I looked at the pix on the computer, and could blow them up, my suspicion was confirmed. These are trumpeter swans.

You can hear how they sound at the Cornell Ornithology Lab

I love these birds, much more than the mute swans, because these are native to North America. Links below to other encounters with trumpeter swans.

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RNSANE said...

What a great referral you gave us, Joan. I spent far too long listening to bird sounds. What fun!

betchai said...

oh wow, you caught magnificent swans in flight. beautiful and inspiring shots, Sharkbytes.

Secondary Roads said...

I've never seen them in flight before. They are beautiful and distinctive.

gallerydarrow said...

Oh wow what a blessing!!

Ann said...

well that walk paid off with a nice reward.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- Cornell Ornithology Lab is world-renowned. Glad you enjoyed it

betchai- I still miss lots of things, but having the camera with me at all times, and going outdoors a lot makes more chances happen!

Chuck- I've seen them flying, but I don't think in migration formations

ro- it made my day!

Ann-most definitely!

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