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Monday, November 21, 2011

Vistas, Lakes and Who's Looking

Today was a work day. I had a lot of places to go, and a lot of miles to drive. I had assignments pretty far north. They've been sending me out of my actual area. Works for me, as long as they keep paying mileage! And, I get to see new places.

The drawback for you may be that vistas and lakes all look pretty much alike. But I enjoyed them, so I hope you will too. The area north of me is actually a bit hillier than right where I live. I think these views show that pretty well.

The first one is on Marilla Road, north of Brethren, looking north.

view from Marilla Road, north of Brethren

And the second vista is on Faylor Road north of Copemish. I'd never been on that road before. The view is looking west, and the hills (stabilized sand dunes- as are all of our hills) in the distance are a row of dunes that flank the lakes you are about to see next. Then there are more dunes between those lakes and Lake Michigan.

view west from Faylor Road, north of Copemish

Once you get west of those hills there are several large lakes, and a bunch of small ones "trapped" between the dune hills. This one is Little Platte Lake, not one of the tiny ones, but not huge, either.

Little Platte Lake

The largest lake in that area is Crystal Lake. This view kind of shows that, looking down the lake (west). You can see that it is quite long. Vacation towns that ring it are Frankfort, Benzonia, and Beulah.

Crystal Lake

So, that's what I was watching. But who was watching me? This little guy...

gray squirrel

But I like this one best!

three chickens

Hope you enjoyed the views, and maybe a little explanation keeps them from looking all alike.

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Duxbury Ramblers said...

I love new areas - it's not just the views that are different - when I go to a new area the different flowers, trees all bring different smells.

Ann said...

No matter how many I see I never tire of seeing another beautiful view. Even with the lack of color this time of year I love the way they look.
You had some interesting company there today with the squirrel and chickens.

rainfield61 said...

There are more little eyes looking at you.


Ratty said...

Those first couple of pictures is what it looks like where I am now. That picture of the chickens is great. And I can't leave without mentioning that I like the squirrel.

Sharkbytes said...

Carol- different places do have their own aromas!

Ann- I have a couple of friends who like winter best because they can see the topography better.

rainfield- yes... I didn't have time to hunt for all those little eyes!

Ratty- the squirrel was for you, my friend!

Secondary Roads said...

I did enjoy the views--a lot. We are certainly blessed to live in this state.

RNSANE said...

What nice scenery! I never had an outdoor job like that...always cooped up in emergency rooms or the like, seeing horrible cases. I guess I got my reward cruising the oceans.

You are right, that picture of the roosters is terrific - a real keeper.

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