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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pine Valley Pathway Part 2

Today was still warm, but very windy and very gray. The memories from yesterday are strong and bright

Pine Valley Pathway circles a small lake called Lost Lake (no relation to the one at Ludington State Park). Sun on water is impossible to beat.

Lost Lake at Pine Valley Pathway

If you walk quickly with only a goal to hike a lot of miles, it's likely you'll only see brown woods and the lake. But with just a little more attention, lots of interesting things can be found.

This is an aging polypore fungus, probably turkeytail.

old turkeytail fungus

How about another red oak leaf- actually showing some red.

red oak leaf

Don't forget to look up. I can't decide if this looks like winged victory or a viking helmet. I was wishing for a hawk to come sit on it, but that didn't work. (Chuckle)


Finally, a tiny blossom. The witch hazel bushes bloom in the fall. Don't these little flowers look like like they were made from shredded paper?

witch hazel blossom

Lots of goofing off today. I think I have to get busy again tomorrow!

See Hiking at Pine Valley Pathway
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sir rob said...

There are just places that's always have a picture perfect effect. Just like the first one or perhaps I just love nature photos. lol

Glynis said...

I have never seen a flower blossom like that before. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Don't unplug your hub said...

I can't walk quickly any more.

Secondary Roads said...

I like that red oak leaf. Oh yes, and winged victory too. I watched as a turkey vulture landed on a branch much like that. As the vulture put weight on the branch it broke. The bird flew off in search of a better perch. :)

Loretta said...

love the fungus!

Lin said...

You always find good stuff for us. :)

Sharkbytes said...

borris- there is a strong appeal for most of us in a beautiful outdoor scene.

Glynis- well, it's a shrub, but that is indeed its flower

John- all the better for looking closely!

Loretta- I thought it was beautiful too. I took several pix

Lin- I try, pally, I try (and for me too!)

Ann said...

so glad that you didn't take a brisk walk. Much rather see all the little treasures you found.

RNSANE said...

If walking slow means you don't miss anything, then I should have thousand of photos! My gait is about that of a turtle.

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