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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Watery Moods

Just a couple of images in the dwindling light of yesterday afternoon. First is Portage Lake near Onekama. I love how the docks make orthogonal patterns and the ducks are like polka dots. The sun at the channel just makes it perfect.

sunset on Portage Lake

But this one is my favorite. I finished my assignments just as the last light was fading, and I drove home mostly in the dark. The season for beaches has also faded. The blowing sands cover the benches and defy the fences which try to slow the drifting.

sunset on Lake Michigan

See Ludington Beach in January
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Ratty said...

Both are great pictures. I thought that second picture was snow until I read that it was sand. A nice trick of the mind.

Secondary Roads said...

Title for the second image, Summer is Over.

Ann said...

I thought the same thing Ratty did. It looked like snow around that bench. Those winds must really be blowing for that bench to be almost covered

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty & Ann- in the low light it really is impossible to tell, isn't it! No snow for us yet, though.

Chuck- I think you've nailed the title.

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