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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Colors- Briefly Stunning

Not every year can be a spectacular color year. We've had a couple in a row. Last year just kept taking my breath away with the ubiquitous beauty. This year, there are still some nice spots, but you have to catch them at a good moment, or be sure to stop for pictures when the light is right, because there aren't ten more gorgeous spots around the next bend.

After work today, I drove over to Timber Creek to retrieve the empty cache bag from the trail magic for Al. (By the way, I heard he really enjoyed the treats, and he took the note I left for him. Somehow, that just tickles me- the note was nothing special, but it makes me feel that he really appreciated it.)

It was just before sunset, and that low light is wonderful for highlighting the colors of the trees. I had taken a few pictures of individual leaves in the woods, but just a couple of miles from home, well... see for yourself. I HAD to stop. None of these pictures is adjusted- these are how it looked.

fall colors

fall colors

fall colors

I have to say I don't understand those who like perpetual summer. The beauty of each season is amazing!

And, even though it is chilly out, doesn't this final one just make you want to have a picnic? How about potatoes baked in the coals, with some roasted squash and s'mores or banana boats. A cup of coffee and a tent would just complete the perfect evening. OK, ok, a warm sleeping bag to go with that tent!

picnic area in fall
Sorry for no post yesterday. I was feeling a little under the weather, and just forgot. Slept well, and seem to be fine today.

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Ratty said...

Beautiful pictures. It's just beginning to get colorful around here. There are plenty of leaves falling, but there's also still plenty of green.

Ann said...

now that is some gorgeous fall color. It's slim pickins this year around here.
I could do a picnic in that spot especially if all the food you mentioned was on the menu.

Cutella said...

Beautiful Autumn...

vanilla said...

I think fall is marvelous! These are great pictures. I particularly like the way you have captured the mauve (lavender?) carpet beneath the tree.

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- lots more green than is normal for the last weekend in October, but I think it will just go to brown and fall off

Ann- I think that would be a great menu

Cutella- I love my seasons!

vanilla- that is one of the things I like best- when the leaves puddle in a color that looks like a reflection of the tree.

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