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Friday, October 4, 2013

Hiking and Horses

This morning we went to Joe Wheeler State Park for some hiking. I saw several more interesting plants (to share another day). First we did the Blue Loop Trail. It was about a mile, and was all in the woods. I took pictures of several trees that I have no idea what they are. Maybe there will be more botany pictures another day.

Joe Wheeler state park

Then we hiked a trail along the Tennessee River that is one of the Alabama Birding Trails. We didn't see many birds, but it was a pretty walk, with the water in view most of the time. Right near the end I found a plant that may be a one-in-a-lifetime sighting. You'll be seeing that one one of these days for sure.

Joe Wheeler state park

After we ate, we drove across the Wheeler Dam and stopped to take pictures. This one was a Tennessee Valley Authority project, and it's about 1.2 miles across, and 70 feet high. It's interesting to me how it's so difficult to get a sense of scale. If someone had asked me to guess how long it is I would have said about a half mile.

Wheeler Dam

In the evening, we went to a church activity for the seniors at a ranch. They do horse therapy with all kinds of at risk people, and did a demonstration of some of their techniques. They asked for some volunteers to do one of the exercises. This lady is learning how to put a halter on Bud, the horse.

haltering a horse

I especially liked this, because the woman in the pink blouse has Alzheimer's, and the staff people were really nice to her. Although it was a "demonstration," I expect some good things were happening out there in the field.

haltering a horse

Tomorrow we head home. It's been a great week!

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Ann said...

the amazing healing powers of animals :) The lady in pink looks very happy to be participating

Lin said...

Look how happy that lady is! :) Sweet.

Jean Knill said...

Thank you for the horse pics. Horses are my great love. I don't ride any more but I adore to be arouynd them.

RNSANE said...

I love horses....back in my nursing school days, we used to ride in Picayune, Mississippi, about an hour out of New Orleans. We'd go all day, then head home, aching and sore for a week.

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