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Friday, October 18, 2013

Progress Report- Roof

The forecast was for rain all day. I awoke to clearing skies and sun through the window. By the time I had my coffee and was ready to start working it had grayed up again. I waffled, should I go on the roof or not go on the roof? With the tarps to deal with and getting tools up and down it's not worth it unless I can spend more than two hours. It was supposed to rain. I didn't want to do a repeat of playing with those tarps in the rain and wind.

However, at noon, it still wasn't raining, and there was a fair amount of clear sky. I had actually started on a different project. But... that roof has to be finished. The more days the tarps are up there are just more days a good wind could lift them off and make a mess again.

So... I decided to go up. Managed to work until almost 3:30 when it began to rain. Here's what it looked like at 3:25.


Here's what it looked like at 3:45


That is all. Now I'm getting my mind in gear to go to work in a couple of hours.

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Ratty said...

It's good you're making progress even on a potentially rainy day.

Ann said...

your getting there, looking good

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