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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Roof Report- No Great Speed

A major milestone has been reached on the roof project. One major setback. Milestone= old shingles removed. Setback= damaged tarpaper. Here's how the week went.

Tuesday: see Just Call Me Ray, Jr.

Wednesday: I cleared another patch of shingles. Less than another third, because I had to work that day too.

working on roof

That evening, a friend from church came over and helped get the bundles of shingles up on the roof. OK, I hate to admit it, but I can't carry a 70 pound bundle of shingles up a ladder. Grumble, grumble. But I did carry them from where they were stacked in the driveway over to load him up at the bottom of the ladder. Thanks, Sean!

working on roof

Thursday: I didn't get any work done on the roof at all. In the morning I had to report cases for the picture-taking job, and then worked at the paper in the afternoon. The machine was awful and we had to stuff an extra packet and I didn't get home until almost dark. I was so hungry, I had to eat, and then it was dark. The best I could do was celebrate all those neat bundles of shingles on the roof.

working on roof

Friday: I took some more of the old shingles off, and picked up a couple of tarps loaned to us from another friend from church, because the forecast for Saturday was rain. Thanks, Erin and John!

working on roof

Saturday: Didn't get home from work at the paper till 7:30 in the morning, and went directly to bed. When I woke up, the wind was howling over our hilltop. I didn't dare go up and try to spread out two 20x20 tarps and batten them down, alone. I'm sometimes a bit crazy and foolhardy, but I'm not a complete idiot.

However, around 4:30 the wind calmed down just a little, and it got darkish. I knew if I had any chance at all of getting the tarps on, it had to be then. There is no picture from that actual day. Let's just say I think my guardian angel was on duty. I was very, very careful, but it was still quite a job. And it started really raining while I was up there making everything slippery. Of course, we lost some of the tarpaper, too. I think I can salvage most of it and do some patching. The picture was taken in the sunshine of today. Not nearly the same effect. I was soaked to the skin when I came down from that job.

working on roof

Today, Sunday: Loosened the bottom edges of the tarps to access the rest of the old shingles and got all of them removed! Then fastened the tarps again, because I don't want to lose any more of the tarpaper.

working on roof

So, getting all the old shingles off is not quite the same thing as saying I'm ready to put the new shingles on. Have to do tarpaper repairs, and cleaning, and I think I'll have to forfeit a few of the shingles I had put on earlier in the summer. But I'm hoping to get a good start tomorrow, the one day this week that's supposed to be guaranteed to not rain.

That also pretty much guarantees I'll be doing work assignments in the rain on Tuesday, but I'll live. It will make good use of a day I may not be able to get on the roof.

I'm just thanking God for progress and safety and the motivation to keep at it.

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Ratty said...

Looks like a big job. I wouldn't mind doing that if it was on the ground. I recently found out I'm afraid of heights, so I don't go up on roofs anymore. The funny thing is I used to be able to do things like that.

Ann said...

you are amazing with all the things you do. That looks like a big job and I wouldn't even know where to begin with it

vanilla said...

Courage, stamina. Grit, in a word-- that's our Sharkebytes.

Jean Knill said...

Joan - you are incredible. You wouldn't get me up there is you paid me loads. You put me to shame for my moans about being busy. Very best wishes for getting the job fnished.

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