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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Spirit of the Woods Hike- Manistee River

I am not forgetting that I have things to show you yet from Alabama. However, today was the monthly Spirit of the Woods hike, and I couldn't let that pass without sharing.

We started at Seaton Creek Campground and headed across the Manistee River on the suspension bridge that has been nicknamed Little Mac, because it's just a "little" smaller than the Big Mac.

Manistee River suspension bridge

The river was beautiful. It had rained earlier in the morning, and the colors all looked very rich.

Manistee River

Possibly because of that early rain, only three of us showed up to hike, Dave, Loren and me. That was ok. We are good friends and it was nice to just walk and talk with each other. Often on group hikes we are trying to get to know new people so we don't get to visit ourselves.

hikers on Eddington Creek Bridge

With wet trunks and sun trying to break through the gray sky, you can really see why red pine get their common name!

red pine

We walked an hour and a half- no clue how far... just till we felt like turning around. Then we walked back to the car and ate our lunches.

The colors aren't quite at peak yet, but they aren't shabby!

fall color and Manistee River

Sorry for no post last night, but the drive home took forever. Construction turned most of Indiana into a parking lot, and I went directly to work, without even going home.

See Trail Club Hike- April for some of the same places in a different season
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Ann said...

you've got some great fall color there. Looked like it turned out to be a great day for a hike

RNSANE said...

In spite of a rainy trail, that must have been such a nice hike. The fall colors are so beautiful and I always love tree reflections in a lake.

Sounds like it was a fun but tiring day...and you had to go to work after!!!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

you have got some nice hiking areas.

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