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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Lilac Year

The lilacs this year are impressive! Even my often marginal ones are nice. Mine are just the common light purple ones. Whatever color, they smell divine.


Did you ever look closely enough to realize that each blossom is really a long tube with flared petals at the ends?


At the house where I grew up we had a hedge beside the creek that alternated bushes of light purple with white. I always thought that was pretty. And until having a lilac hedge of my own I did not realize how much work my dad had to do to keep it in check. The one here is out of control. Or maybe they don't grow as many suckers in clay as they do here.

I don't have any white ones but my neighbor does.


Although I'm not a particular fan of purple, I do prefer intense colors, so I've always sort of wanted one of these dark purple ones.


This was a fun find. The building this hedge surrounded is gone, but someone sure loved lilacs. There are quite a few different varieties (and a snowball viburnum) in the lineup.


I may have to go back and look at this one more closely. It seems to have two tones in each cluster.


There are lots of specialty lilacs. They were particularly popular in France around 1900, and many cultivars were created. Originally, they are native to the Balkans.

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The Furry Gnome said...

Our Lilacs are still just thinking about blooming!

Ratty said...

Pretty good subject. Lilacs are some of my mom's favorites. Whenever I see them I think of her.

Secondary Roads said...

Not big on lilac. The faint odor is pleasant, but it quickly cloys.

Ann said...

I love lilacs. When I was growing up we had several huge bushes along one side of our property. I can't get them to grow in my yard. I've tried several times and they always die.

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