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Saturday, May 14, 2016


Guess where this is.

flowering trees

I'm in shock at how unobservant I must be. This is a half mile from my house, and I've never noticed this beautiful line of trees before. How strange is that. We've lived on this property for 45 years. The only thing I can think of is that the relatively recent parking lot expansion of a doctor's office has made it more visible. That lets me off the hook for all but about five years.

Guess whose dog this is. You've seen her before. Yup, I have company. More on that tomorrow!


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Ann said...

Those trees are pretty. It's funny how we can go by something a million times and never notice it.
I can't remember who belongs to the dog but she looks like a sweetie

Lin said...

Sometimes you just gotta stop and look around at your immediate surroundings. when I walk around Weirdville (which I don't do anymore), I notice how many houses look so unkept and overgrown with shrubs....I don't think people even take a second look at their property.

That said, there is some beauty out there too--as you have proven today!

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