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Monday, May 30, 2016

Almost A Flower Garden

I'm pleased and amazed that the mess I keep fooling with actually looks somewhat like a flower garden this year.

I'm enjoying it as much as I can before I leave at the end of the week for the BIG HIKE.

Here is the ajuga and fleeceflower again, at their best.


I also showed you the sandwort with its early leaves. Look what it's doing now!


Here's a nice little treat. This is a miniature Solomon's Seal, and it was a gift from Ester a few years ago. It seems to be really happy here. I'm always pleased when something agrees to grow without a fight.

Solomon's Seal

Across the driveway, I'm struggling to get that bed weeded. I'm fighting for the right to the property with a hill full of biting ants. I'll win, but they aren't going down without a struggle!

This is Veronica. I think I actually bought this one. It will bloom a long time if you keep deadheading it. But I'll be leaving, so I'll just enjoy it this week. I have another one, but I'm not sure what color it is. I had a pink one, but not where this is! Did I move it?


Finally, the iris usually manage to bloom even when neglected and not weeded. I'm glad I get to see them.


See They Aren't Dead
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vanilla said...

And now we have enjoyed them, too! Enjoy the hike.

Ann said...

everything looks good. I absolutely hate weeding

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty of your flower gardens.

Lin said...

I just saw some irises on another blog. They are sooo pretty this time of year and so effortless. Those are my favorite kinds of plants--the easy ones!

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