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Friday, May 6, 2016

Middle Bayou


Got a new perspective on one of the bayous off Hamlin Lake today. There are three bayous off the main body of the lake, and this is the Middle Bayou.

Since it's pretty much all private around these, you have to have a reason to be there taking pictures, or perhaps be on the water. But I had an assignment.

This is looking east toward the upstream end, which is fed by a creek that has no name I know of.

Hamlin Lake

Looking west, toward Hamlin Lake you can see a concrete bridge. That is Lakeshore Drive, and from that bridge you can see the dunes I feature from time to time.

Hamlin Lake

On the Hamlin Lake Map, the North Bayou is at point 4, and you can see the Middle and South Bayous below that as you go south along the east edge of the lake.

The shadbush or serviceberry is starting to bloom. It's always so pretty and dainty filling in the woods' edges in early spring.


See Shadbush along the Little Manistee
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Ann said...

that would be a nice view to wake up to every morning

Secondary Roads said...

Looks inviting.

mike spain said...

Looks beautiful!

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