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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mostly Muted Tones, and a Boo

How about some more pictures from yesterday? They are better than any I might have taken today.

As fall winds down, the colors become muted, sometimes dull, but I also think they can be rich. I love how this shed just melds with the landscape. Not so sure the dish on the top left corner fits the setting, though.

weathered shed

And right across the way was a line of oaks echoing all the colors of the shed, and the rusted signpost.

oaks in autumn

The eastern end of Hawley Road is curvy and tree-lined. Does it look spooky or beckoning?

road with dark trees

One more spot of bright color!

autumn tree

And I ended up at the Arts Barn again because it's also on the Quilt Barn Trail. I went out to take some more pictures of the cut-leaf blackberry. The wind was making this ghostly creature look particularly spooky. So I'll say Boo! That's the extent of my Halloween participation.

Halloween decoration

Accountability Report:
Wrote Chapter 54 of Dead Mule Swamp Druggist. With work and handbell practice, that is enough.

See Trees Along Hawley Road
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1 comment:

Ann Thompson said...

That road doesnt look spooky at all to me. It's definitely beckoning

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