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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kindness Thrown Like Confetti

This was another perfect Dove chocolate wrapper, received earlier this week at Randy and Annette's house. Southern hospitality is real, and the confetti of kindness has been thrown my way by the bucketfull this week.

Dove Chocolate wrapper Throw kindness around like confetti

I've had such a good time with the people in these pictures, and others that we didn't manage to capture digitally. Of course, Loretta.


Paul and Mary Ellen


Randy and Annette, Marleen (and her daughter who arrived today to help her with the move)


Today was Sunday, with all the usual church activities. But I also went swimming with Rhett, a new young friend.


Tomorrow morning I head for home. It's been a wonderful, wonderful two-plus weeks, but I think I'm ready to slip into the writing harness. One more night on the road with more friends, and then I'm ready for some quiet time.

See Dove Wrapper Fortunes
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Ann said...

I like the Dove chocolate quote. You sure have had a lot of fun on this trip.

Lin said...

You are certainly living a good life, Joan!

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