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Friday, June 29, 2018

A Tritute to Sweet Jade

I've had the computer running for a few hours now. Did critical things like writing and combining the parts I've written with various technologies (some pencil and paper) into a cohesive narrative.

So, in case it craps out again, I've done the priority things, so will try a blog post.

Ester's sweet dog, Jade crossed the rainbow bridge on Wednesday. We had some good times together.

white german shepherd

They helped spot me for a number of hikes.

white german shepherd

This picture was taken soon after she came to live with Ester.

white german shepherd

Jade stayed with me off and on a few times. She wasn't big on walks, but we went outside at least.

white german shepherd

She was not intent on being an alpha dog- she just wanted to be friends.

white german shepherd

Rest in peace, Jade.

In other news: errands, car fix, computer fix (maybe), worked at Shagway, melted in the heat.

See I'm a good girl I am
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Unknown said...

wow, I can use this now! If you could send me these photos attached to an email that would be the berries. don't know how to force a copy saved. still baby steps with new box. Jade loved you too. thanks for all the support. Ester

Ann said...

Such sad news. I remember the posts from when Jade stayed with you. So sorry to hear this.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- thanks- dogs get old faster than we do. It's the pits.

Ester- will do

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