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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Dow Gardens- Just Getting Started

Long day, all good. Need to get to bed, so I'll just give you a quick opener of the Dow Gardens in Midland, Michigan. Not even any explanation tonight. Sorry. Gotta catch some zzzs.

These are just three of the most formal sections of walkway/bridges sprinkled around the 110 acres.

red bridge at Dow Gardens

This one has its picture taken more often, I think.

half circle bridge at Dow Gardens
This is a short walkway section with a formal appearance. However, a great deal of the landscaping was done purposefully to make it look informal and natural. More on that another day.

walkway lined with flowers Dow Gardens

This was the activity I chose for the day at the Michigan Outdoor Writers Association Conference. Wonderful place. More on the writing later too.

See Matthaei Botanical Garden
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1 comment:

Ann said...

Looks like a beautiful place.

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