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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Looking Homeward

There are a couple more interesting things from Dow Gardens, but I think it's time to return home for a while. First of all, let's have a show of hands from all those who thought I could refrain from playing with plants at home entirely. Yeah, I don't see any.

It's like this. The garden stores have now marked bedding plants down to 50%. So I came home with all these for only $6. I'll keep you posted on how it looks in a few weeks. This makes me smile every time I walk out the door.

planter with petunias and begonia

Yesterday on my walk I watched some redtail hawks circling. They soar with wings flat, but this one was actively flying. Just luck I caught this picture.

redtail hawk

Today, I drove to take a hike on the North Country Trail. Did six miles. The red pine plantation is always a magical place of light.

red pine plantation

Looking down, there was a forest of moss sporangia just as dense as the pines on a smaller scale.

moss sporangia

A male Ebony Jewelwing damselfly was playing hide and seek.


Of course, I see this huge burl every time I walk this section, but today I took its picture.

large burl

It seemed as if it might rain, so I hurried back. No rain, but the humidity was high and I was soaked with sweat, so hopped in the shower. The sky has now cleared and lovely cumulus clouds are building across my back yard.

cumulus clouds

The mulberry tree is really loaded this year. Even though most aren't ripe yet, the birds are already going nuts! I'm going to try to capture some for myself. Maybe tomorrow. Certainly this week.

mulberry fruits

In other news: I wrote a chapter in The Bigg Boss. I lamented over the fact that I accidentally overwrote all the edits I did the other day. I walked six miles on the North Country Trail (Hike 100 Challenge is at 34 miles). That doesn't seem like much, but it took all the time.

North Country Trail, north from Timber Creek to 8th Street and back- 6 miles total

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Ann said...

I like the plants you put together for that planter. I would love to have stuff like that on my deck and porch but I can never remember to keep them watered.
I've seen lots of trees like the one you have here with the huge burl. Never knew that's what it was called but I've always wondered what causes a tree to go that.

Lin said...

The planter is pretty! Good work.

The mulberries are ripe here and I have been stopping at 2 trees on my walks. Such a treat and I am thankful the birds left me a few to enjoy.

vanilla said...

Have to love those garden sales!

Secondary Roads said...

So many beautiful pix today. Thanks. I enjoy your nature walks. Mulberries are so good and they bring happy thoughts of my late father-in-law. He had a tree that bore the largest juiciest berries I've ever enjoyed.

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