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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dow Gardens - Color

There are so many beautiful individual plants I could show you! Dow Gardens is like a big flower show... the good stuff just keeps coming.

But I can't move away from it just yet. Today I'll show you some of my favorite pictures that exemplify COLOR. It's no surprise that several of them are coleus (now broken into two genera, so I didn't capitalize it). We probably all know coleus... it's that great planter specimen that features beautifully variegated leaves. They are a relative of mint, but without the minty smell. They are great for showy gardens because if you pinch off the blossoms, the gorgeous leaves just keep their beauty all season long.

Here are two varieties side by side in a planter. Everything from bright and splotchy to dark and geometric


How about the 'stripe-me-pink' oyster plant? This is a variety of my Moses-in-a-boat with colored leaves. Technically Rhoeo discolor or Tradescantia discolor (names are changing faster than one can keep up).

striped oyster plant

Back to coleus for an interesting salmon color variety.

salmon coleus

I debated whether to show you this one under "color" or hold it for "design," but you get it today. This is some variety of Clematis.

magenta clematis

Finally, we're back to another display of coleus. This one is in the colors I was trying to pair in my own flower garden, maroon and yellow. So I particularly like this.


In other news: My writing workshop ended today. Great stuff! I'll be doing a post about it on the other blog.

See Philadelphia Flower Show 2011 Coleus
See Oyster Plant
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Ann said...

I have never seen salmon colored coleus. I like that stripe-me-pink oyster plant.

Sharkbytes said...

HI Ann- the colors of coleus they have developed is truly amazing. Yeah, I like that oyster plant lots better than mine.

Secondary Roads said...

Love those colors.

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks, Chuck

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