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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dow Gardens- Branches

One of the interesting aspects of Dow Gardens that sets it apart from some others is that it was planned with heavy emphasis on trees. This leads to a couple of unusual features. The one I'm sharing today is interesting branches.

There's not much rhyme or reason to my choice of pictures. They are simply views I liked where the picture turned out reasonably well.

interesting branches at Dow Gardens

There were lots and lots of these trees that grow in a widely spreading clump/cluster. I never did find a label for what they are (lots of exotic species in here), and I suspect they may have been pruned when young to emphasize the growth pattern. But they create peek-a-boo views from one section to another that are appealing. You can't quite tell in the photo what is beyond, but it is a waterfall.

interesting branches at Dow Gardens

Next up is a bronze beech. These have all the loveliness of a regular beech, but the leaves stay dark purple-bronze all summer.

bronze beech at Dow Gardens

I liked this hint of the rocks at pond edge and the bridge through the abstract shape formed by the branches in this one.

interesting branches at Dow Gardens

And this branch hanging over a grassy space seems impossibly long

interesting branches at Dow Gardens

Finally, although you could argue that this picture is more about the rocks, I like the contract between the roundness of those rocks and the lines of the branches.

interesting branches at Dow Gardens

In other news: I'm spending the day with some trail friends and will be heading to Interlochen Fine Arts Camp tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Ann Thompson said...

Interesting how those branches grow in the first two pictures

Ratty said...

Trees may be my favorite natural feature. As long as I can walk between them, I can never get enough of them.

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