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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Bay Window


I'm almost done with the temporary job for this month. But there is a real sense of accomplishment as we see the apartment move from a filthy, trashed space to a clean and really beautiful place to live. Here is the bay window. Believe me, I know this window well. I've washed, mended, primed, and painted every wood surface. Then I washed both sides of every pane of glass and storm window. The wall color doesn't show so well in the picture, but it's called Swiss Coffee, and it's a lovely creamy color. The woodwork is Decorator White. The carpeting went in today and now the place just looks so very inviting! I am very grateful to have had this job. It's been hard to juggle some of my personal projects and keep this going, but the income has been a real gift from God. I never really understood why bay windows were such a big deal before, either. But I've discovered while working within its "bay" that on any day when there is sun, even if it is very cold outside, that the angled panes concentrate the sunlight. I sometimes felt that it would be perfect to be a cat, curled up in that space. Of course, that made it a little hot to paint! But now I know... bay windows were the sun rooms of the Victorian era.

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1 comment:

The Muse said...

Beautiful work Shark! I would love to have a window such as this in our house.

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