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Monday, October 27, 2008

Copper Oaks


So, it's Monday. Back at work. More painting and washing windows just didn't add up to much of a special day. Cold and damp, not much there to recommend the day either. Yet, on the way home, a stand of oaks flashed past at highway speed (oh, wait, I was the one moving at highway speed!) When I was a child, I would occasionally develop a desire to scrub the copper bottoms of the kitchen pots until the copper glowed a shiny, raw pink. That was a nice sense of accomplishment, but even more than the color of the clean copper I liked the colors that developed in the next few days as the pans were used on the gas stove. The copper would develop swirls of deeper color with blobs of rich browns, and even hints of greens and blues. The picture above is a poor substitute... same pans, but scrubbing the copper a bit just doesn't produce the same range and pattern of color as the process described.

So back to the trees. Almost every autumn there will be some group of oaks that captures the colors from the copper pan bottoms... today I saw one for this year. That was good for a really big smile!

See Maroon White Oak
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1 comment:

Unknown said...

We had one copper pot and I, too, loved cleaning it.

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