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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Invitation

Joan H. Young

You're invited! I realize that most of you regular blog readers aren't going to be coming to Michigan this summer, but I want to get this information out as many places as possible. I really will be finishing up my end-to-end hike of the North Country Trail this summer. (Good Lord willin' and the crik don't rise). It has taken me 20 years, but I'll be the first woman to hike the whole thing, and number 10 overall. My total is going to come in at about 4378 miles.

Where: Petoskey, MI (see link below for detailed information)

When: Aug 3, 2010 - meet at 9:00 am. We’ll work out car pools to get hikers out to where the trail crosses Taylor Road. The hike will be about 3 miles, then a half mile back for the picnic.

What: Walk Joan’s final NCT miles with her
Enjoy a picnic lunch- free, our compliments!
Camp over in the field if you wish
If you are free to stay, Joan will be giving the first showing of a brand new program about the NCT on Wednesday, Aug 4, sponsored by the Top of Michigan Trails Council. Time TBA
See a sneak preview of Joan’s next book, for children, called “Moose in Boots.”

How: Just RSVP to Joan at jhy@t-one.net before July 25.

Everyone is welcome, but we need to know how much food we need for lunch. You will need your own mid-morning snack and water.

Facilties: Indoor bathroom and running water. Field for camping (no hookups). If a lot of people come, a porta-potty may be added. There are many motels and commercial campgrounds in the Petoskey area if you prefer more amenities.

See Complete information for Joan's final NCT miles


Ferd said...

What an accomplishment, and certainly worth celebrating!
It would be a long trip from NC, but I will add this to my calendar and be there in spirit!
Just wonderful!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

If I lived nearer you would not have needed to ask me twice, I would be there to celebrate your fantastic achievement. We will celebrate over here, the ramblers will be with you all the way.

Ann said...

I agree with Ferd that is a great accomplishment. Well worth celebrating. I may not be there in person but will celebrate your achievement from here.

wiseacre said...

4378 miles? Sounds like you made the hike a couple of times already :) Grats!

Sorry the wildflowers haven't cooperated for your wildflower walk. Too bad you're so far away, my woods are filled with blooms. Sounds like you need to find some higher and dryer ground.

Ratty said...

I wish I had time to do this. It seems like the best time of year for nature is when I get the least time to enjoy it.

Joe Todd said...

All I can say is wow.

dipak said...

i love nature or in this blog u really love nature i love this ur blog..........really nice articles and nice pics

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