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Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Trail to...

In one of those strange coincidences of life a few weeks ago I was trying to turn into the driveway of a house to do a work survey, and an acquaintance was trying to turn into a parking space that was directly opposite. Of course we asked each other what we were doing, and thus I learned that there is a small trailhead there.

Today, Maggie and I went to check out the trail. It begins by going through a beech-hemlock forest.

beech hemlock forest

Next we passed behind some really large sand dunes (look beyond the trees)

sand dunes

It shouldn't have been a surprise, but there is a whole string of little ponds on the inland side of those dunes. I didn't know any of this was here!


The trail continued, pretty much on the level, for about two miles. Then, we climbed up a valley to pass over another ridge of dunes,

valley trail

and arrived at.... sorry, come back tomorrow.

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ladyguinevere28 said...

Never had the chance to be in this kind of place. But it looks like relaxing, I guess it would be ok for me if i'll get lost here.

Visit me here as well: http://www.traveltomydreams.com/


Lin said...

What?! Arrived at what???!....aww, Sharkey, the excitement builds....

Secondary Roads said...

That's mean, if you know what I mean. Leaving us wondering where will Maggie lead us next. I can hardly wait. You never disappoint us, so I know it will be good--very good.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Will be back for the next episode :)

Ann said...

darn cliff hangers. Well at least you are only keeping us waiting till tomorrow

Sharkbytes said...

Hi lady- thanks for stopping by- if you stay on the trail you won't get lost!

Lin- I know, I'm a tease. But there was so much else to add I couldn't do it in one post.

Chuck- I sure hope you'll think so

Carole- horray!

Ann- well, there is some real continuity, so I don't want to leave you hanging too long

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