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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More Farm Fun

These were not all taken on the same day, and they are from several locations, but I've created a collection to keep Old McDonald happy.

First we have the friendly pony.


Followed by the longhorn steer. I took this one from a distance, not wanting to find out how friendly the beast attached to the horns is. But he sure has pretty markings.

longhorn steer

This little girl was clearly a pet. She maaaaed enough to make Priscilla happy, and thought I should have had food in my pockets.


What is there to say about chickens? They are funny, that's for sure. One of them kept barking, making me think there was a little dog nearby. Figure that one out.


Next we have a black "runner" duck. Ducks like this are more often seen in Europe (so I read), and they don't fly.


Two of these critters get a second shot. The goat was clearly peeved that no treats were forthcoming.


And the black duck. I really like these upright ducks. I used the picture above to show its usual posture in the best way. But I think this is a nicer picture of the two ducks, who are clearly friends.


I wouldn't mind having a few farm animals. The problem is, I'd have to stay home. My terminal wanderlust and animals are not compatible.

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Ann said...

That's a crew old McDonald would be proud of. The goat is cute and I would have liked to have heard the barking chicken. The black duck looks rather skinny next to the white one

Secondary Roads said...

How can anyone top Barking Chicken?

Anonymous said...

Love the animals. There's a long horn cattle farm in town, then serve the beef at the restaurant the family owns.

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