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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rotting is Not the Same as Rotten

Today I just HAD to take a walk. Really icy out, but the shoulders of some of the main road were pretty clear, so I ventured out. I did NOT wear my snowpants, but just the nylon Gumby Suit. Hooray! It felt so light.

I figured there would be SOMETHING to take pictures of, and it turned out that rotting snow can be quite beautiful.

We've had a lot of sun this week ("lot" being a relative term), and it's made a huge difference in the condition of the snow. Here are some of my captures from the edges of rotting snowbanks. I think the one long shot is interesting because it looks soft and fluffy instead of composed of a million little points of ice.

rotting snow

rotting snow

rotting snow

rotting snow

rotting snow

rotting snow

See Snow Pillars
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Lin said...

I am having a hard time finding the beauty in the "snow" and "ice" we have left...it's all black and icky! We were walking and driving all over today and those black piles of slop were everywhere. Blech!

Ann said...

These are very pretty. However, if it's looking anything like it does around here, if you were to zoom out from these shots the whole picture would not be so attractive.

Anonymous said...

Love how you can use those lenses to find beauty in "icky" to capture on film for us! Neat that you got to walk.

rainfield61 said...

Albert Einstein studied Theory of "Relativity" long long time ago.

Secondary Roads said...

I had never thought of snow as rotting, and that's a fact. I had thought of it being rotten, but that's a different matter. Love the pix! Well done.

vanilla said...

Sharkey's Little Roadside Jewelry Shop!

Anonymous said...

I've been walking a lot lately, enjoying the warmer weather and longer days.

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