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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Not a Lawn Ornament

No, this is not another in my flamingo series. Although I actually like them better than Canada geese. These are definitely not my favorite birds (sorry, Ratty).

Canada geese

But they were the only lively thing going the other day that I could get photos of. Saw a bunch of squirrels, and even some swans. But the squirrels were too fast and the swans too far away.

So, you get geese. Geese on the ice of Bass Lake.

Canada geese

They were comfy and not much worried about me and my camera. They did move from the lawn out onto the ice, but they mostly walked away from me with a few flutters. Not even worth expending a lot of energy.

Canada geese

Supposed to be quite spring-like this week. I think their ice will disappear.

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The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow thoze ar sum big pigeons!!! i think eeven my sister saya the mighty mite think twice abowt chaysing those guys!!! then agin maybe not!!! ok bye

Secondary Roads said...

Sylvia is talking about putting ice atop the crocus bed. Will she do it?

Ann said...

Those geese will either need to learn to walk on water or find a new place to hang out and soak up the sun :)

vanilla said...

Recall how excited Spouse was when the Canadas first swam up to our seawall-- and how much we despised them a week later. Movie in my head to this day of gander turning on the dog and it was bird chase dog!

Sharkbytes said...

Dennis- that Saya better be careful around these pigeons!

Chuck- say what?

Ann- they'll just stay and poop in everyone's yards.

Vanilla- yes, indeedy. You've got their number.

RNSANE said...

Those Canada geese spend a lot of the winter making deposits in Golden Gate Park and near my son's home in West Sacramento. When they walk their two dogs, they always carry plastic bags to pick up the poop...but the geese make buckets of it EVERYWHERE and it makes the parks and playgrounds a mess for the children.

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