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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Daffodils on Parade

About all that's left of my flowers are daffodils, because the deer don't eat them. When I had some money to spend on gardening I was trying to get a lot of varieties. Here are some.

These are plain old yellow ones- not even sure where I got them. Not purchased, just traded and moved around. A staple of the daffy world.


Right near them are some interesting double ones. These were a gift and I don't know what they are called. Funky color, and not my favorite, but they are prolific bloomers, so I'll take them!


This is one of my favorites. It's Mount Hood. The trumpets start out pale yellow, but then the whole thing turns white. These were a gift from Marie.


I purchased these. They bloom sparsely, but I've divided and moved a few around so I seem to get a few that bloom every year. I found them under the variety name "Duke of Windsor," but I've seen lots of similar ones under other names. Also one of my favorites! The trumpet is very shallow, so the whole blossom looks rather flat.


These are Kaydee. Kind of mid-size. Tall for the rock garden but short for regular beds. Very dainty.


Finally, I bring you some that I covet. Saw these in someone else' yard!


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Ann said...

I love daffodils. What few I had are no longer there since a couple years back I did away with the flower bed on the side of my house. I just didn't take care of it and it always looked horrible

Secondary Roads said...

Those are all beautiful. Sylvia split our Daffodils last fall. This year we have loads of them. That's okay with me.