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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

On Hamilton Road

Out doing cases today... got to take a piece of Hamilton Road I'd never seen before.

Hamilton Road

First I saw huge clumps of flowers off to my right.


Had to stop and check it out. Surely the location of some former home. Lots of narcissus. Maybe pheasant-eye narcissus, but they should have a tiny red band around the trumpet. Vestiges of one when the photo is enlarged, so perhaps they have just reverted over the years to having no band.


Drove a little farther and on the left was a tree with white blossoms too large for shadbush. Of course the layered look gives it away as a dogwood.


Most of the flowers were too high to picture, but I captured (literally) one.


Just rounding the corner onto the next road, and a lovely redbud was blooming in this yard. All redbuds here are ornamental plantings. The wild ones can't make it quite this far north.


Nice soft rain falling this evening. My flower bed is liking it.

See Dogwood
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Secondary Roads said...

Nice pix. Especially the first one. I do have a certain fondness for those secondary roads.

Ann said...

I always love this time of year when trees have blossoms on them

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