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Friday, June 14, 2024

Newly Blooming- Mid June

 Lots of the plants I've shown you before are still blooming. The pink and the magenta cranesbill (geranium), Dianthus 'brilliant,' The Siskiyou primrose (which is a spectacular success), the Sedum sexangulare, Dianthus 'Kohari,' Dianthus 'Eastern Star,' Heuchera 'Firefly,' the Salvia I showed you yesterday, daisies, the two ice plants, and the ground cherry. I'm beyond pleased with all this.

Things seem to be a little earlier than last year. That's been true all this season, so no surprise.

But some more plants are now adding to the color. I'll start with one that was just beginning last week, and I did show you, but look at it now! This is Dianthus 'Zing Rose.'
dianthus zing rose

Out front, last year, only one of these bloomed. This year, there is a whole patch. Actually, with the bed nicely weeded, they are out-competing a lot of other things. I'm ripping a lot out that are invading other spaces. I used to have white ones too, but I guess they are gone. Globe Bellflower, Campanula glomerata.
globe bellflower

This is one of the Sedums I bought last year. It's doing really well. Spreading slowly, but it's very healthy. 'Bright Idea.'
sedum bright idea

This is another of the sedums I bought last year. I thought it was not going to survive it looked so sad all season. However, there are now several happy patches of it. I'm a little confused, because it's very similar to another sedum I used to have. There are more patches of this (maybe, or maybe only similar) than I can account for. But I'm quite sure this one is Sedum hispanicum 'Pinkie." It's not showy, but its a good filler between rocks.
sedum hispanicum pinkie

This one has a story. This is plain old Creeping Thyme. I got a whole pile of it for free back in about 1999. I was walking Maggie (my last dog), but before she was mine. This was in Ann Arbor, and a lady was ripping vast wads of it out of her lawn. I asked if I could have some. She said, "you'll be sorry!" Well, you do have to pay attention or it gets out of hand, but it's very pretty. I might grab a chunk and add some to the newer spaces of the rock garden.

I've now got 3 varieties of thyme, and would like to replace the Wooly Thyme I used to have. However, it can also be pretty aggressive. We'll see. Currently, sedum hybrids are making me more happy, so I'm not desperate.

And for the last act of the day... are you ready?... I am jumping-up-and-down happy. This is the 'Arctic Fire' dianthus. It's mixed in the clump of 'Brilliant (center front),' and the softer purple are one of the geraniums. There's another bud behind it that's opening up. No way will I try to separate these out this year, but maybe there's hope I'll have more of them next year. I don't think I can tell the leaves from the 'Brilliant.' Maybe they are a little darker, but maybe not.
arctic fire dianthus

Soon, we are going to have to have an update on many of the hybrid sedums I bought. I can tell that some spread quicker than others. That's OK, I'm beginning to understand which ones can have friends in their spaces, and which ones not so much.

I finished the second time through editing the book today. Hooray! Now I can move on to general editing. Staring at those scrolling columns of campsite data was seriously getting to me.

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Ann said...

Your garden is growing so well. Love those dianthus.

Sharkbytes said...

Thank you, Ann!