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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Something's on Time, but...

... as usual, it's not me.

Christmas Cactus bud

I just looked this up. This is one confused plant. Two years ago, I described it as an Easter Cactus... it bloomed in March. Last year, January 12. This year, it has decided to be a Christmas Cactus. The bud was on Dec. 13.

Christmas Cactus

Here is is today. But it has a secret. There is another bud! This will be the first time it's had two blossoms. I guess it likes being fed cooking juice from unsalted vegetables!

See The Christmas Cactus is On My Schedule for last year
See I Heard the Meadowlark for two years ago


rainfield61 said...

This poor flower is confused in such a way that who cares to be named.

Lin said...

Oh, that's funny! But who cares when it blooms as long as it does. :)

RNSANE said...

I am never sure about these "Christmas" cacti. I bought one once at the store, two weeks before Christmas, in radiant bloom. It had about six blooms, if I recall. the following year, it bloomed ( only three ) in February. Year three, it didn't bloom at all. Year four, it bore one pathetic blossom, sometime in mid December. I finally gave up on it and Christmas cacti altogether!

R.G. - Jan said...

Mine never blooms "on time" either but I love it just the same. It was originally my grandmother's plant. She died in the 80's and so it really means a lot to me. I call it "May" after my grandmother. Silly, I know but what can I say? :-)

Ann said...

I have one that I bought at the store I work at. I've had it for years and it always blooms twice a year. Once around Christmas and once around Easter.

humble opinion by sirrob said...


It's almost end of the month again. And I know what will happen here. I am waiting for my next venture.

spinninglovelydays said...

Confused and pretty, like many ladies I know, lol

Sharkbytes said...

Hi everyone- sorry I didn't respond to your comments last night- I had a story due for the "Faith" contest, and had to get it done. I made it!

rainfield- other people tell me that they can bloom twice a year. Hopefully it will continue to be so confused that it will start to do that!

Lin- right! I'm just thankful that it blooms at all.

Carmen- they are much less regular than most people think.

RG- that's not silly, that's special. I'm glad it has stayed healthy for you.

Ann- Ah! you are one of those who gets to see it twice a year!

sirrob- yup... I'll have some little game.

Ivy- well, your comment wins for the funniest and most apropos I've seen in a long time. Well done!

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