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Saturday, June 8, 2013

FLT - Trout Pond Trail to Holliday Brook Road

We are back to describing the last day of my Catskill Finger Lakes Trail hike of this year. It was a really neat day- all in the woods, two mountains, interesting things to see. However, it rained all day long and was 39 degrees. At least we were motivated to keep walking to stay warm!

Marie doesn't look so excited about leaving the car.

hiker starting for the day

Does this look familiar? It's now my background picture. There was so much rain on the lens that I didn't even get a clear picture of the trail sign. I like the effect, though. I cleaned the lens, took another picture, and then put the camera away. It only came out for a few shots the rest of the day. This is now in the Catskill Park, so the NY DEC has register boxes and you must sign in and out.

trail signs in rain

Here is a plant you are sure to remember if you come across a patch of it. It's false hellebore. The leaves are huge with corduroy-like ribs. These are in bud, but it will have a large head of green flowers soon.

false hellebore

We hiked over Campbell Mountain and Brock Mountain. Lots of slippery rocks and steep slopes, but not as bad as I expected.

false hellebore
Near the top of Brock Mountain we were rewarded with a wet and hazy view from Split Rock Lookout.

Split Rock Lookout

Miles for the day, 10.5. We did not hike it fast. Too slippery and hilly. But we did hike it. A warm car and a hamburger and chips sure were nice. Total miles for the hike, 53.8. In just a couple of hours we transformed into clean humans at Larry's house.

I just love the weeks on the trail. I miss backpacking and being isolated from civilization, but this is better than not hiking at all.

If you would like to read more about the Finger Lakes Trail, try A Footpath Across New York- Forever

See FLT - DEC Horse Campground to Trout Pond Trail
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rainfield61 said...

This is the life of a hiker.

That sounds interesting.

Ann said...

Well it looks like a nice day for a hike especially since I can't feel how cold it

To answer your question about the flowers on the card I made. I punched them out and then used an ink pad to ink the edges.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Oh, I remember those trail boxes from the Adirondacks. I miss those mountains!

Lin said...

Looks a little too soggy and chilly for me. But I'll bet it was lovely out there.

RNSANE said...

Do you actually stay warm in the cooler temperatures? It looks beautiful but I can see why you wouldn't have the camera out very long! I don't keep mine out in this monsoon weather, either.

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