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Sunday, June 2, 2013

FLT - DEC Horse Campground to Trout Pond Trail

Marie's brother Larry drove down from Syracuse to hike with us for the day. He brought us genuine rain and cold. It never got above 45 degrees all day, but we were going to have fun anyway, gosh darn it!

road hiking

Some road miles brought us to the village of Corbett where we crossed the East Branch of the Delaware River. They have a suspension bridge, built in 1926 and patterned after the Brooklyn Bridge. It is one lane, and I do mean one lane. You'll notice that the rain didn't keep the anglers out of the river.

Corbett New York suspension bridge

Still wet, still cold...

road hiking

We were supposed to leave the road and go over a mountain on trail, but we couldn't find the trail. We did find an interesting rock quarry. Do you remember when I visited Marie last year that we went to a place called Opus 40? I didn't show you very many pictures of it, but we couldn't help but laugh when we saw this. We named it Opus One-Half.

Opus One Half

The best part of it was the plastic covering over the top. Did someone say "lunch stop?" We were dry, we had "art," we had comfortable seating, we had food.

Opus One Half

We did the rest of the day on roads, after touring a large dairy farm. The worker was very proud of all the cows, even though he wasn't even the owner.

Opus One Half

We returned to the campsite after a prolonged dinner in a dry, warm restaurant to find the tent luffing in the wind, but still secure and it hadn't leaked. We were happy enough! We decided that the campsites by the lake were in the local wind tunnel. With three of us in the tent it wasn't in danger of blowing away, but it flapped and snapped all night long.

Miles that counted:9.8. Miles actually walked counting looking for the trail: 12. (We actually walked this piece backwards for a complex reason I won't bore you with.)

See Delaware River to DEC Horse Campground
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Ann said...

that bridge seems pretty long for only being one lane

RNSANE said...

You seem to get some pretty cold weather for your hikes. I really admire your stamina.

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