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Friday, June 14, 2013

More Ukulele News

I promised. I deliver.

playing ukuleles

Loretta has a baritone ukulele. A nice one. I have a regular uke. A cheap one. But we are having all kinds of fun.

And I've finally learned how to tune it so I can play with other people. She has a cute little gizmo that clips on the neck and you can quickly get the thing tuned!

OK, we don't think we should paint our names on the bus yet, but we have figured out chords for several songs (we have a bunch of music, but we need a key we can sing in- actually, that I can sing in. Loretta has a great range).

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Ratty said...

I'd love to be able to play a musical instrument. The only one I've tried is the guitar. My problem is that I'm left handed and I feel the need to play it backwards.

Secondary Roads said...

I tried a plastic uke for a while. Even learned several chords. I did better with keyboard instruments. If you are not familiar with fake books, I'll show you one on your next visit.

vanilla said...

Soon as you find that key, the two of you will be ready for the Coffeehouse!

Lin said...

Whooohoooo! How fun! I'd love to see you live and in concert. :)

Em has a ukelele and they are pretty easy to eeek a tune out of them. They are popular with the kids nowadays. Such a hipster you are, Sharkey!

rainfield61 said...

"Country road, takes me home....."

Ann said...

aw, no video? You both look like you were having a good time

Work Home Union said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B Shaw said...

nice blog, keep up the good work..

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- there are many lefty guitarists-

Chuck- fake books- like where one note is changed so they can include copywrited songs? Yes, what is your point?

vanilla- Loretta is good enough- she sings with Sweet Adelines. Not me

Lin- amazing that the uke has made it back to popular

rainfield- we can do that one!

Ann- Noooooo, not yet!

B Shaw- thank you

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