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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Indigestion for Mr. Wiry?

This nearly invisible flamingo was just hangin' around in the woods near a cabin wondering why it was he ate such a huge meal. Maybe that's why they stand still- don't want to disturb the digestive progress.

flamingo lawn ornament

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Ratty said...

That really does seem like a lot for a flamingo made of wires.

vanilla said...

You collect some of the strangest flamingos!

Secondary Roads said...

Looks like Flamingo ate a canon ball and it didn't agree with him. Or am I wrong?

Ann said...

I've heard of things sitting a little heavy in your stomach after eating. I guess this is what they meant by that.
Is that a gazing ball?

RNSANE said...

Guess he's not getting the right diet for a pretty pink color.

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