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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Peter Pan

Another fine play at the Ramsdell Theatre. This was the classic Peter Pan. The cast was young. Except for some of the pirates and Mrs. Darling, the rest of the cast were children through college students. They put on an excellent performance. The children did a good job of staying in character, so they didn't seem like children acting, but like "lost boys," Indians, Wendy, John and Michael, etc. Mr. Darling/Captain Hook was a college student, as was Peter Pan.

The set was uncomplicated and practical, yet it gave enough elements to help the audience imagine the scenes. One technical issue the cast had to deal with was caused by another technical challenge. Most productions nowadays depend on wireless microphones instead of voice projection. It was announced before the play that the flying apparatus (the wires?) made it impossible to use the mics, so the cast had worked hard on projection, and we'd need to listen closely. I think everyone did a good job with this, although since I pretty much know the play by heart I wasn't struggling for the words.

The lighting was good enough for viewing, but not quite enough for really good candid photos. I didn't get a single one of Peter flying that was focused well. It's too bad, because he was quite acrobatic and did cartwheels and nicely controlled entrances and exits.

I'm posting a few pictures here, and will put more on Facebook tomorrow.

Think lovely thoughts

Peter Pan

The scourge of the sea, Captain Hook

Peter Pan

We'll never grow up!

Peter Pan

I'll just send for Tiger Lily.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan comes to save Wendy from walking the plank

Peter Pan

The crocodile comes for Captain Hook!

Peter Pan

The fickle Peter takes Jane to Never Never Land when he learns that Wendy has grown up.

Peter Pan

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Karen and Gerard said...

Peter Pan was my hero--I never wanted to grow up either! I knew I had it good as a kid! Love the crocodile costume--very creative!

Ann said...

Looks like a fun one. Is that crocodile on a skate board? :)

Sharkbytes said...

Karen- me too, me too!

Ann- more like a car repair skid, I think

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