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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maidenhair Spleenwort Fern

This fern was in New York, at Buttermilk Falls. But I've seen it in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, too.

It is a spleenwort, not a maidenhair fern. But because it has the black stems typical of Maidenhairs, it gets that nickname. Isn't it beautiful?

Maidenhair spleenwort

Here are the sori on the back side of each pinna. That's where the spores are.

Maidenhair spleenwort

Where does it like to grow? On rocky walls! There are several sub-species, but they are distinguished by chromosomal differences, not external characteristics.

Maidenhair spleenwort

I see that I've never showed you regular Northern Maidenhair either. I'll have to fix that.

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Ann said...

it is pretty. I like just about any kind of fern

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