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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Before the Storm

We drove through the beach park after church, and even though the wind was blowing really hard, the waves weren't very impressive. I think maybe the direction of the wind made them crash over the breakwall less than some times. By the time the real storm started I was snuggled into a warm chair and wasn't driving seven miles to take a cold picture. A local pro photographer did do just that, and he has magnificent pictures as a result, but he does much more than blog with them. See Todd and Brad Reed Photography

So here's my pathetic attempt to show you the waves and wind. But that's what I did today (to quote Rose.)

Ludington Lighthouse

Also made bread, and I seem to be back to doing a good job of making it flat. Sigh. But it tastes good.

See Ludington Beach in January
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Lin said...

We just hunkered down today during the storms, but then it cleared up and the sun came out. Weird, weird weather day. We were lucky though, so many families downstate were not--the devastation is horrible.

Ratty said...

It would be interesting seeing up close what that much water could do. I've only ever even seen Lake Erie up close a few times, and only in good weather.

Ann said...

I mostly just napped yesterday with the exception of running to the grocery store with my daughter.
I hear flat bread is all the rage now so your bread is "in" lol

vanilla said...

It was a wonderful afternoon for staying in. We have had some "flat" bread experiences here on these premises, too.

The Furry Gnome said...

It's not a pathetic picture! It's really quite good. I love pictures of a good storm.

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- not to make light of others' misfortune, but I'm glad you didn't get it too bad.

Ratty- it's scary what it can do. November on the Great Lakes is notorious for wrecking ships

Ann- Glad my bread is hot stuff!

vanilla- well, flat stuff happens, right!

Gnome- The picture is OK (nothing great), the waves are pathetic. I was hoping to get some of the ones that really crash over the lighthouse, but it just wasn't happening.

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