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Friday, November 15, 2013

Catch-Up Day

Here's a good day to post some things I couldn't while I was on the road without internet access.

Yes, I spent last Friday night (how can it be a week ago?) with Chuck and Sylvia of Secondary Roads, and mom and dad to Nellie the Cat. This seems to be getting to be quite regular. We really have a lot in common and it doesn't hurt that they are right on the way to places I travel. So don't feel slighted, all of you who are standing in line waiting for me to mooch off you. (That's I joke, I hope.)

So here's one of those horrible selfie pictures to prove I was there. I guess it's better than no picture, and I was tired of stiff posed ones. Extra credit: what's different about Chuck? Oh, you didn't know it was a quiz?


Where I was going was to Butler, Pennsylvania, where I gave my program about the North Country Trail. It's called "The North Country Trail and the Kitchen Sink." If you would like an entertaining program for an outdoor-type group, or travel group or, hey, any group... you can book me through Books Leaving Footprints. Click on "Meet the Author."

They had a good-sized group and met in the East Butler Fire Hall, a very nice venue for activities like this one. Saw a number of trail friends, and met some new friends too.


Now that I know how to use my cell phone as a Wi-Fi hot spot, I shouldn't get stuck without access too often any more. Possibly if I'm not able to charge the phone or the computer.

Today's fun thing was a little black squirrel. He was nervous about having his picture taken, but I caught all of him except the end of his tail.

black squirrel

I have to be at work at midnight. Not feeling overly excited about that, but a paycheck is good!

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M. J. Joachim said...

Such a cute little squirrel. Nice pic of you too!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Nice one Joan, you can call here any time you want we are central for our beautiful lake district - Walks & scenery to die for :)

Secondary Roads said...

Sylvia and I always look forward to your visits. We do enjoy them ever so much. Even our shy kitty loves you Sharkey.

Lin said...

I'm jealous that I can't visit Chuck and Sylvia like that! I'm guessing I'm missing out on some fun when the 3 of you get together.

You are ALWAYS welcome here, Sharkey. If you are walking to Chicago, let me know.

Um....now the quiz part....uh....did Chuck lose some weight? I can't pinpoint it...he just looks GREAT though.

So, what did you dream about me and Hobbes? I hope we were making you laugh in your dreams. :)

vanilla said...

The latch-string is out over here, too, you know. Nice job on the picture.

Sharkbytes said...

MJ- well, thanks, but those selfies are always so distorted they are goofy.

Carol- sure wish I could!

Chuck- yes, I feel very honored that Nellie likes me too.

lin- it was very subdued... you may get your wish, kiddo. And yes, Chuck has lost weight. He looks great!

vanilla- it could happen! We have many ties in Indiana.

RNSANE said...

I tell you, while I get a decent pension better than many, and social security, it, in no way matches what my nursing earnings, especially with the on call pay was...hence, my living in India part of the past two years. I wish I could find some on call forensic nursing though night cases would be tougher now at 69...don't really know why, though...I usually don't average more than four hours sleep at night anyway.

Ann said...

isn't it amazing how blogging can create such good friends.
Cute squirrel

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay i -- skwirrel!!! skwirrel!!! luk its a skwirrel!!! ok bye

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