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Monday, November 18, 2013

Revisiting "My" Trail

It's a sad fact that since Maggie's been gone I haven't been regularly walking the trail out back much at all. I need to make some changes, and getting back to a daily walk is one of them. I walked my trail today, and it was an eye opener of how long it's been since I was out there. I need to revisit several times with my saw.

The part through the white pine stand is in pretty good shape. I always like the carpet of needles.

trail with pine needles

The part along the edge of the cemetery needs a little work, but nothing major. However, where I turn to go down the valley to the creek has some serious problems. The larger split log was down before, but now there are two more. It was difficult to walk around it all.

trail with trees down

I was surprised to see how high the creek was. I've seen it much higher in the spring, but even with the rain yesterday this seemed quite high.


There are so many leaves that fall to the bottom of the gully that the creek bed is just lined with a thick layer of many-colored leaves. It's hard for the mind to grasp that those leaves are under about a foot of water.


Every time I think there is nothing new to discover along this route, I'm surprised. Here's a tree root. Or is it some strange deformed creature? or a plastic bag pegged to the ground? or...?

tree root

On the other side of the creek there was a bunch of small stuff to clean off the trail, but nothing major. The biggest change is what's happening at the edge of the field. The Scots pine seedlings are quickly getting getting tall, and soon my trail will be within an evergreen corridor instead of through grass. That will be fine with me.

pine trees in a field

It's hard for me to accept the idea that I've been walking pretty much this same route for almost 20 years. It's also hard to accept how quickly it can disappear without any maintenance at all. Two dogs have enjoyed it with me, Chips and Maggie. There really isn't very much wooded area, but I work hard at weaving back and forth through the narrow strips that do exist, so I can pretend I have my own private forest. Of course, we really own very little of the property.

Well, I got out there today. That's one day in a row.

See Remember the Creek
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Emma Springfield said...

It is so hard to restart once you lose a special being in your life. It is good that you are back on your trail. Maggie would be proud.

Ratty said...

I learned from many years of walking alone after I lost my last dog that walking without a companion can be a very different feeling, but not necessarily a bad one.

Secondary Roads said...

Do the walk again today and you've started a new tradition.

Ann said...

kind of like revisiting a long lost friend.

Lin said...

I like what Chuck said. :)

I think Maggie would be happy to see you out there.

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