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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Butler Outdoor Club

No internet connection so I'm trying to do this on my phone. Difficult. Lin and Rain field got the kitty question right although they have different answer

Can't get pix from the phone to the blog.

Anyway. I'm in Pennsylvania. Game my program about the North Country Trail to the Butler Outdoor Club.

Good folks.

will try to add pictures tomorrow.

See Trail Work Day
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vanilla said...

You get points for making the attempt (quite successfully!) to post via phone, a thing I have never done.

Ann said...

I agree with Vanilla. I don't think I would try and post from my phone

RNSANE said...

My phone is pretty fancy...a Samsung Note's been wonderful to be able to use it in India though they don't have 4 G here...just 3 G.

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