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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Loretta's Christmas Tree Party!

Thanksgiving is over, let the Christmas season begin. Loretta had a tree decorating party today. It was just the two of us, but hey, that can be a party.

Christmas tree

Here are a few of her decorations that I like a lot. Doesn't this little bird look so real? Ready to jump on your finger and eat seeds from your hand!

Christmas tree ornaments

Here is a cute little surfer from a holiday she spent in Hawaii.

Christmas tree ornaments

This isn't on the tree. She got this during her time in Brazil. I like how different cultures apply their own motifs to the Christmas scenes.

Christmas tree ornaments

We decorated, listened to Christmas music, drank some coffee, and then I scooted for home to do a whole lot of work. The main thing I had to get done was put away all the Thanksgiving food. Om is already gone on a road trip, and I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Very weird to not just keep snacking on the big bird until it's reduced to a soup skeleton. But I packaged up some larger bags of food, froze the bones for soup later, and also filled these little trays.

Humor me here; it sometimes doesn't take much to make me happy. These aren't anything super-special. It's just that I bought these compartment meal trays years ago, and I'm always so tickled when I can actually load them up and have six real balanced meals all ready to heat, in the freezer.

food trays

Oh, you want to know where I'm going? Stay tuned. Not any of my usual haunts. Tee hee!

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Ann said...

Loretta's tree looks great and those are cute ornaments.
I have some of those containers with the separate compartments, I love them

Lin said...

Dang, now I'm wishing your and Loretta would have come today...I would have put you to work on my tree! Hahaha!

Have a safe trip, Sharkey!

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