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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Waterville, Ohio, Try #2

Hooray, hooray! A man at McDonalds that couldn't get their WiFi to work either showed me how to use the phone as a hot spot, which I knew was possible in theory, but I'd never done it.

hiking shadow

Today was awesome! I only had a short while to hike, but it just feels so good to be on the trail again (which in this case is Buckeye Trail, and is actually road).

Had to hurry to make it all happen, though. Needed to make a stop at a store to get a couple of things. Found a Wal-Mart close to the Turnpike, but even so, those detours take time. Got to where I'm camping and set up my tent with three hours of daylight left. On this trip, I won't make too much forward progress because I have to hike both directions each day. So, my goal was to do the four miles between Waterville, and where I'm camping (and back). I left the car in the parking lot underneath the clock tower and walked out of town at 3:05.

Waterille, Ohio clock tower

Walking out of town the trail crosses the Maumee River.

Maumee River bridge

A few miles and I passed through the hamlet of Haskins.

Maumee River bridge

The sun was sinking lower on my return walk, and those low-angle light shots are always interesting.

grass heads

Coming back across the bridge, the sun made the view in one direction look warm and inviting.

Maumee River

But, looking the other direction, you could sense the chilliness in the air. Even the heron is hunkered down.

Maumee River

Got back in 2 hours and 5 minutes! Guess I was hoofing it! Plenty of time to have a hot meal at the Koral Hamburger Diner. I had a BLT and potato soup.

Koral Hamburger

Now it's back to my campsite to snuggle in to my sleeping bag and some warm blankets. I'm contemplating how many miles I can reasonably do tomorrow.

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Ann said...

I didn't know you could use your phone for a hot spot. interesting.
Looks like a beautiful day for a hike even if it was a little chilly
Your dinner of a BLT and potato soup sounds really good

rainfield61 said...

I always love the low-angled light, especially in the early morning.

Secondary Roads said...

I particularly like that first picture but the golden grass is also inviting.

RNSANE said...

These little towns are so picturesque. And you don't seem to be running into much road traffic. I'd be freeing, though.

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