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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Restoring My Trail

It certainly has felt wintry the last couple of days. There isn't really very much snow yet, but the temperature stayed cold enough that it didn't melt.

Om decided to walk my trail with me, and we took the saw along. Since I had a helping hand, I concentrated on part of the biggest mess I showed you at Revisiting My Trail. (picture 2 if you want to compare)

That tangle isn't all cleared, but we made a start.

snowy path

The creek was at a much more normal level, and shiny in the late sun.


It's silly, but I like knowing that wildlife uses my path. Of course the deer had been there. They are everywhere.

deer track

But I was delighted to see that the fox is also trotting that route.

fox track

I'd like to have a shot at mowing the trails through the field for skiing one more time before real winter sets in. We'll see if I get that wish! I know this was a familiar route. Hope you aren't bored with it.

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Ann said...

who could ever be bored with nature? We have about the same amount of snow here but while you and Om were out clearing that path I was being wimpy and staying inside :)

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Bored? never just off out again :)

Secondary Roads said...

How can one be bored when the scene is different each time one visits it?

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