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Thursday, November 21, 2013


One thing that has fallen by the wayside this year, with a second job, is being able to preserve as much fruit as I'd like to. I was thinking I wouldn't be able to make any cider this year.

But, apparently we haven't had a hard enough freeze to ruin the texture of the apples. This tree is just dropping its fruit.

apple tree

The deer have been enjoying the bounty, but there is plenty for me too. The cool thing about cider is that the fruit does not have to be perfect.

apples on the ground

I brought home my "shopping basket" full.

apples in a basket

Getting the job done!

apples ground up

From that basket, I got a gallon of cider. Hope to repeat the feat tomorrow and then can it all. If you would like to see the directions for how to do this (it's really easy), go to Fresh Apple Cider, No Press Needed

apple cider

Worked all afternoon, and will go in for a few extra hours in the morning. Everything is way behind because of extra holiday sale flyers, personnel changes, and broken equipment. Wowzers. But I'll take the cash.

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vanilla said...

Cider is good; cash is good. Win-win. Nice going, Shark.

spinninglovelydays said...

Oh to be able to pick apples from the tree (or ground). They're so expensive here! Enjoy your cider!

Secondary Roads said...

That cider looks so good . . .

I'm in the mood for some right now.

Ann said...

Love apple cider but the price is pretty high this year around here. Home made would be great

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