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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Been nursing a sore throat since Friday night. Went to bed early since I only had one hour of sleep after work Friday night, which explains why no post yesterday. Today I didn't do much at all. Thought hot biscuits would go down pretty well, and they did. Definitely the best part of the day.


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Polly Dot said...

Sorry to hear that you have a sore throat. There appear to be a lot of bad throats about lately. I blame the Jet Stream - (well Joan, you have to blame something and it is better than telling yourself off!) I too have had a bad throat and a dreadfully sore tongue which would be understandable if I had been talking a lot but I cannot even blame that .... I am almost winkling out Spring - the idea of sunshine and a soft, mild breeze and not seeing grey, grey skies is so very appealing to me.

Ratty said...

Biscuits are the best part of the day most of the time. I hope your throat gets better soon.

Ann said...

sore throat, not enough sleep, no wonder you didn't do much. I would have been napping all day.
Biscuits are comfort food in my book.

Secondary Roads said...

Hope you're feeling better. Biscuits are a great comfort food--especially when they are smothered with hot beef stew. Okay, butter and honey may be even better.

vanilla said...

Good choice. I had strawberry jam on my last biscuit this evening.

Lin said...

any gravy with those biscuits? That's my guilty pleasure.

catskillblogger said...

Yum! Glad you enjoyed them. Hubby makes them sometimes and they are delicious with honey drizzled over them.

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