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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Today's Wildlife Show

Today, while I was waiting for someone to show up for an appointment, I had a nice little wildlife show. Here's the stage.

deer in snow

Densely packed cottages around a lake. Please note the pile of logs strategically placed to obstruct my best view. But it will give you an idea of how close to the house this action is. A doe shows up, looking for something to eat. Is she already licking her chops in anticipation?

deer in snow

Need I mention that the snow is deep?

deer in snow

So she's rooting around, trying to find something tasty that might be hidden, when a man comes out on the deck of the cottage. Does she bolt? Not on your life. He has carrots. One by one, he throws them over the railing. She grabs one. Then, from the deeper woods, an interloper shows up.

deer in snow

There was some pushing and shoving and snorting. A lot like a school yard brawl. Almost all behind the log pile. Of course.

deer in snow

So, one deer got three carrots, and this deer got one. Can you tell which is which? I can't. But I'm pretty sure the daily appearance of carrots is expected.

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Ratty said...

I'm envious. I'd love to see a few deer in the daylight.

Ann said...

What a great show. Now I wonder how many shows a day they do. He must have been doing this for some time that they don't run off when he comes out

Secondary Roads said...

The daily handout.

Unknown said...

There were four deer in our yard yesterday at noon. This prolonged deep snow must be hard on them.

Anonymous said...

We saw a trio of deer when we were driving the other day. Fortunately there was no near misses.

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