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Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Dan + 42

Had a most excellent time today. Went to Spring Lake to give my program about hiking the North Country Trail. The audience was great and I love talking about the trail, but the best part was the family that invited me to be the speaker. Dan Anderson has been pastor of the Spring Lake Presbyterian Church for 21 years. He and his wife Diane took us out to dinner and we spent not nearly enough time getting caught up with each other's lives. With the program and all, I nearly forgot take even a posed picture, but at the last minute we all took off our coats (really, we had loaded the car and were ready to go) and posed a silly stare-at-the-camera-until-the-timer-goes-off shot. Here we are.


So where's the 42? Well, 21 years before he became the pastor there, he was spending a lot of time with us. He was the living example of the joke "he came for an hour and stayed for a lifetime." He did come for an hour, that was extended to two, and then to overnight, and he ended up not going home for three months. That was actually in 1972, but this pose is from 1973. We've loved Dan from the minute he walked into our lives, and he lived with us off and on for several years. My parents always considered him their first grandchild.


I know this post won't mean too much to most of you who read this blog, but it was the outstanding quality part of my day, by far.

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Ann said...

If it made for a quality day then it's the best kind of post to read about. Glad you remembered at the last minute to get that picture

vanilla said...

Time with good friends = quality time.

Secondary Roads said...

A quality day spent with quality friends . . . how does it get better here on this earth?

Jean Knill said...

That's a lovely story - and glad you could get together and have a really good day.

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